Little Italy Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy

Directions to B&B Little Italy Hostel in Rome

Bed and Breakfast Little Italy in Rome is located between the main train station Rome Termini (where the train from Fiumicino Airport arrives). It takes no more than 10 minutes to walk to the B&B from Rome Termini. You can also take a 2 minute metro ride and then a 2 minute walk. Below you will find the exact directions from Roma Termini as well as from the airports of Ciampino and Fiumicino.

From Rome Termini Station to B&B Little Italy Hostel in Rome

Look for the Via Giolitti-exit (you should see a MacDonald’s across the road) and turn left when you are outside. Take the first street on your right (Via Gioberti) and walk on till you come to the Basilica of Saint Mary Major. Turn left into the Via Carlo Alberto and walk on till the end of the street. You should see a park (piazza Vittorio Emanuele) in front of you. Turn right and take the second street on your left (Via Ferruccio). You will find the Little Italy Bed and Breakfast on your left, just past the big SPORT sign. Look for the building number 30 and buzz apartment number 27. Inside the building take the elevator to floor 4.
You can also take the metro: buy a ticket (1€) at a tobacconist or newspaper stand and take line A (1 stop) to Vittorio Emanuele. Find the Via Buonarroti-exit and turn right and then left into Via Buonarroti itself when you come up. The first street on your left is Via Ferruccio.
From the railway station Tiburtina to the Rome B&B Little Italy Hostel
During daytime most trains, and especially the intercity and eurostar trains, arrive at Rome Termini. Between 1am and 6am, however, Rome Termini is closed and all trains come in at Rome’s second railway station, Tiburtina. Tiburtina is also one of Rome’s largest bus stations. The international budget bus company Eurolines arrives at Tiburtina and so do several Italian bus lines from the neighboring provinces.
To get from Tiburtina to the Rome Hostel Little Italy Bed and Breakfast you take metro line B from Tiburtina to Rome Termini, then switch to line A and get off at Vittorio Emanuele (1 stop). Follow the directions for  Via Buonarroti. Turn right when you come out of the subway and then turn left into Via Buonarroti. The first street on your left is Via Ferruccio.
From Fiumicino Airport to the Rome B&B Little Italy Hostel
Cheaper than taking a taxi (and sometimes faster than taking a taxi) is to take the Leonardo Express, a non-stop train from Fiumicino to the railway station Roma Termini. The price is €14 and the ticket can be bought, apart from at the regular ticket windows, also from newspaper stands and tobacco shops in the airport and the railway station. The train comes in at platform 24. Walk along the platform till you come to the main hallway and turn left, towards the Via Giolitti-exit. Follow the directions above (from Roma Termini).
From Rome Airport Ciampino to the B&B Little Italy Hostel
Take a COTRAL bus (1,20 Euros, the ticket can be bought from the driver) to Rome Anagnina and from there a metro (line A) to Vittorio Emanuele (1 Euro, but the ticket needs to be bought at a tobacconist or newspaper stand). Look for the Via Buonarroti-exit. When you come up you turn right and then left into Via Buonarroti. Via Ferruccio is the first street you cross. Turn left for the Little Italy Bed and Breakfast Rome. (Note that, until April 2012 metro line A will stop running at 9PM. From 9PM till midnight the MA1 and MA2 buses will substitute for line A.)
Take one of several coaches bringing you directly to Rome Termini. Both the SIT Shuttle and the Terravision buses cost 4 Euros and drop you off in the Via Marsala. The Co.Tra.L bus costs 4,50 Euros and its final stop is the Via Giolitti.
Take a train from Ciampino Airport to the city of Ciampino and from there a train to Rome Termini. Then follow the directions from Termini to get to the hostel Little Italy Bed & Breakfast.
By taxi from Ciampino and Fiumicino to Rome B&B Little Italy
As of October 1st, 2006 the rates from the two airports, Fiumicino and Ciampino, ought to be fixed.
The official rate from Ciampino Airport, where most of the budget airlines including RyanAir have their home base, to anywhere in the center of Rome (and both the B&B Little Italy Rome and the Hostel Chaplin Bed and Breakfast are definitely in the center of Rome) is 30 Euros.
The official rate from Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci Airport) to the center of Rome and the B&B Little Italy Hostel is 40 Euros, but at the moment there is a slight, typical Italian, problem. Taxi drivers based in Rome have to apply the 40€ standard rate, but taxi drivers based in Fiumicino, the small town by the airport itself, are not subject to this, essentially Roman, law and charge as much as 60 Euros. Make sure, therefore, to ask for the price before entering the taxi to the center of Rome.
By taxi from the railway stations of Rome to the B&B Little Italy Hostel
From the railway station of Tiburtina to Hostel Little Italy Bed & Breakfast ought to cost you something between 8 and 12€. Make sure that the driver turns on the taximeter (on rate 1).
To get to the Little Italy B&B from Rome Termini, we do not recommend that you take a taxi, since you probably arrive quicker on foot, and also because you could run the risk of being taken for an unasked for tour of the city before arriving at the bed and breakfast.